Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eaton Gains Prestigious AWWA Honor

The “Leonard N. Thompson” Award was created in memoriam of the two-time American Water Works Association (AWWA) president. Annually bestowed to a Minnesota Section member, the award is designed to honor someone whose longevity, community service, and service to the water industry rivals the memories of Thompson’s impact.

Past Chair Bert Tracy, Awardee Jon Eaton, Current Chair Steve Schneider

This year the honor went to Jon Eaton, an extraordinary AWWA member and water utility businessman. For nearly twenty years, his leadership roles have branched through the water supply industry. Now Superintendent of Utilities for the city of Eagan, Eaton’s journey included an eighteen-year relationship with the waters of Bloomington, Minnesota, where he was Water Quality Supervisor. Eaton also served on the Minnesota Section Executive Board as Secretary and Treasurer (he will be the 2014 Section Director), the national AWWA Finance and Section Services Committees, Suburban Utilities Superintendent Association (SUSA) executive board, and the Minnesota Department of Health “Environmental Health Knowledge Management Project”.

Eaton’s experience in environmental science dates back thirty years and received a jumpstart at the University of Minnesota, where he graduated from the Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Chemistry. Since then he has polished his stormwater management skills and civil engineering techniques and has gained an unrivaled handle on municipalities.

Eaton’s success is likely due to his determination to realize lifelong passions. According to the October 15, 2013 Minnesota AWWA “News Release”, the 2013 awardee enjoys “helping others and promoting public health, safety, and welfare through the improvement of water and public infrastructure”.

It is clear that the Eaton embodies what the “Leonard N. Thompson” award aims to honor. Once again, congratulations to Jon Eaton. Thank you for your decades of community service. Thank you for creating awareness for AWWA and helping moving the water supply industry forward.

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