Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Truth About Winter Dehydration

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When people think of dehydration, they think about working out or standing in the blistering heat. If you’re not sweaty, you’re probably not dehydrated, right? Actually, dehydration isn’t just a summer thing. Winter dehydration can often be more dangerous, mainly because not many people know about it or think about it.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it; winter activities also give you a workout and increase your heart rate, but people also tend to drink less water, making the risk of dehydration even higher.  Who wants to carry water when out in the cold? The following are five things you should look out for during the colder months to prevent dehydration:

1. Lowered thirst quench. Cold weather means that your blood vessels constrict, sending blood to the core of your body. This tricks your body into thinking that you are hydrated, when in reality, you may not be.

2. Cold water slows your body’s communication to the kidneys which then tell your body that it does not need to conserve water. This means that your urine production is increased which lowers the water retained in your body.

3. Sweat evaporates faster in cold weather. Because of this, many people don’t think about hydration lost through sweat in the winter.

4. Wearing too much clothing can be a negative. When you wear too much clothing, you are carrying more weight which will make your body work harder, in turn causing you to sweat.

5. The dry air in the winter time can cause dehydration. When you can “see your breath” in the winter you are also losing water vapor. Your skin usually feels over-dry in the winter; this is a telltale sign of dehydration.

Knowing that winter dehydration is a problem is the first step in counteracting its effects. Making sure that you are drinking an adequate amount of water is essential in maintaining a normal water level in your body. If you have other questions about winter dehydration and the benefits of drinking plenty of water, visit our website at mnawwa.org.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Minnesota Microbrewery Tour

Football is well under way, the leaves have turned into splashes of colors, and the sun sets a bit earlier each night. It’s at this time of year some of the best seasonal beers make their appearances. This is particularly true in beers from Minnesota microbreweries. The combination of hops, malt, spices, and fresh Minnesota water creates a menu of fall brews that will make anyone’s autumn a little more festive. Because of this, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best fall beers from microbreweries in Minnesota.

Summit Brewing’s Oktoberfest
It can’t be fall without an Oktoberfest brew, and Summit Brewing’s Oktoberfest is a fantastic option for those seeking a fall beer. This award winning Märzen style beer is a great way to celebrate fall with a bit of German flair.

Jack’d Up Autumn Ale from Third Street Brewhouse
A newer player in the fall brews is Jack’d Up Autumn Ale from Third Street Brewhouse. This beer is jacked up with pumpkin spices, as well as a combination of six different malts. With a taste of both malt and spice, this ale goes down like water in the fall.

Canal Park Brewing Company’s Joyride Antic
Another excellent Oktoberfest beer comes straight from the shores of Lake Superior. Canal Park Brewing Company’s Joyride Antic will make everyone feel a little German. The brewer even states this beer is for those who like, “Schnitzel, schätzl, barli and spätzl.” For a truly awesome experience, head to Duluth, grab a stein of Joyride Antic, and drink it with a view of some of the most beautiful water in Minnesota.

Oktoberfest from Lift Bridge Brewing Company
Another excellent option is Oktoberfest from Lift Bridge Brewing Company in Stillwater. Everything but the Minnesota water is European in this pleasantly malty brew. The company says this lager, “is perfect for times when the mornings turn crisp and the afternoon sun is still warm on your face.” That sounds like a good fall beer to us.

Surly WET
If you’re looking for a fall IPA, look no further than Surly WET. This IPA is made with the fresh picked hops and has both piney and fruity flavor. The ingredients that go into this beer are so good, you’d almost think all the brewer had to do was add water.

Roof Rack Lager from Bent Paddle Brewing Company
Another brew from Duluth is Roof Rack Lager made by Bent Paddle Brewing Company. This Vienna-style Lager is the perfect way to end the paddling season. So pull your canoe out of the water, put it on the roof rack, and enjoy fall with Roof Rack Lager.

These are only a few of the fine fall beers offered by microbrewers in Minnesota. Find one you love, or try them all. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. However, always remember that without water, none of these seasonal beers would be possible.