Monday, February 20, 2017

The Best Smartphone Apps for Conserving Water

The Best Apps for Conserving Water.jpg
We are well into 2017 and the high water (use) season is right around the corner. What can you do to keep a little money in your pocket? To get started, think about all the ways that you can conserve water and not let your hard earned money flow down the drain. In fact, with all the available phone apps out there, let your phone do all the work of conserving water! Take a look below at the best apps for conserving water.
This app takes a look at your entire individual water usage either hourly, daily, or monthly, allowing you to more deeply understand how your resources are being used in comparison to homes near you. Dropcountr even sends you personalized tips on how to conserve money as well as water by sending you rebates. The greatest benefit of this free app is that it connects water utility services directly to the consumer!

Water Timer
This interactive app helps to cut down on those long leisurely winter showers. Water Timer calculates the water and money that you could save from shortening your showers.This app is only available on iOS devices.
If you are looking to teach water conservation to kids and teens, the Water1der app is an excellent choice. This app includes easy-to-read information and games that range from word scramble to multiple choice to true or false questions. The content of the games covers everything from the water cycle and water usage to water pollution and conversation. This app is only available on iOS devices.
Rain Harvest
If you are looking to begin harvesting your own water, look to Rain Harvest. This app estimates how much rainwater you could potentially collect from a rain storm. This is done by formulating rainfall, efficiency, and the total area that could catch rainwater.

Apps allow us to do everything from keeping track of our fitness to streaming music to finding shops and restaurants while on the go. In addition to these water conservation apps, you can find apps on landscaping and irrigation tracking, water fountain locaters, water leak calculators, and more! Find the perfect app to help your household conserve water.

For more information on water conservation, visit the American Water Works Association of Minnesota.