Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Must-See Waterfalls in Minnesota

We appreciate the importance of water in every aspect of our lives. Water has the power to carve out valleys, move mountains, sustain life, and elicit awe. The natural wonders created by water can be appreciated right here in Minnesota. Here are some must-see waterfalls that will surely impress. Plan to visit one (or all of them) this summer with your family!


Minnehaha Falls

Arguably the most famous waterfall in Minnesota, Minnehaha Falls is a peaceful site amidst the urban landscape of Minneapolis. Visitors can bike and walk along the expansive park and get a close-up look at the gushing water. There's even an on-site restaurant to make a day of it. For a fun winter expedition, check out the beautiful colors the ice creates when the falls are frozen!

Minneopa Falls

If you are in the Southern part of the state, the most beautiful waterfall to visit is Minneopa Falls in Mankato. Minneopa State Park includes the 40-foot fall, as well as a smaller, scenic waterfall dropping just up river. Find the perfect angle to capture both falls in one epic viewing. All this set in gorgeous scenery and rocky bluffs make this a great escape.

High Falls of the Pigeon River

Located in the northeast corner of the state where Minnesota borders Canada, High Falls on Pigeon River is the tallest waterfall in the state at 120 feet. The falls thunder down a rocky cliff and flow into Lake Superior. A 1-mile hike from the nearest parking lot will allow you to visit this recluse and the natural landscape is sure to take your breath away.


Gooseberry Falls

The epitome of the north shore experience, Gooseberry Falls is just beyond Duluth in Two Harbors, MN. With 5 sets of falls through a rocky river gorge, the Gooseberry River flows out to an agate beach and into the largest lake in the world–Lake Superior. While the main falls are just a quick walk from the visitor’s entrance, there are a few others that can make for a fun hike in the nearby pine forests and rocky cliffs in this adventurous landscape.

The Cascades

Cascade River State Park is also along Lake Superior, making this the third must-see waterfall on the northern shore of Minnesota. The Cascades are a series of smaller waterfalls bumbling down a rocky slope. There are many to see; enough for an entire day of marveling as you hike.

With so many beautiful waterfalls along Lake Superior, a drive to the north shore of Minnesota would make a wondrous summer vacation. But if you would like to see some awe-inspiring waterfalls closer to you, consider Minneopa and Minnehaha Falls as excellent choices, too. It is important we all take the time to appreciate the powerful qualities of life-giving water we take for granted in this world!

You can find more information about Minnesota water on the Minnesota AWWA website.