Friday, August 28, 2015

5 Reasons to Drink Tap Instead of Bottled Water


Agua, wasser, eau, water- It doesn’t matter where you come from or which language you speak, we all know that our bodies need water! We grow up being told the “8x8 rule”- drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day- to properly hydrate our bodies. The dilemma is, have you ever really thought much about the water you’re drinking?

It may sound silly at first and you're probably thinking “Water is WATER- no calories, no fat, no sodium…” but would you believe that there is a big difference economically, nutritionally, and environmentally between tap and bottled water? Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to tap water:

Grab the Microscope
With the FDA regularly testing, you can always be sure that you water is clean of E. coli and bacteria. Bottled water companies do not have to follow these protocols, so you better keep a microscope nearby if you choose to drink bottled.

Another Money Saver
Eating at home, using coupons, and turning lights off are all effective ways to save money, but did you know you could save over $250 a year by eliminating bottled water use? Check out the Bottled Water Cost Calculator and see how much money you could save by switching to tap.

No Bottle, No Problem
Drinking tap water is much more convenient than bottled. Instead of having to first purchase from a store, haul into your home, and then unpack your water into the fridge, all you have to do is grab a glass, turn on a faucet, and voila… water!

Local Support
Increasing your tap water intake will slightly bring up your water bill (still MUCH less than buying bottled), but paying your local water bill helps support the economic circulation in your area, not a giant bottling corporation.

Know What You Are Drinking
With tap, you understand exactly what you are getting in your glass. Bottled water companies do not have to disclose where the water comes from, how it is purified, or what chemicals exist on the bottle. Without these factors, how can customers be sure of what they are putting into their bodies?

In 2009, a large city in Australia became the first city in the World to completely ban the use of bottled water. Now, many other large cities like San Francisco and Chicago are implementing their own rules against bottled water as well. The trend of #DrinkTap is growing globally. The positives of drinking tap water continue to outweigh the negatives… Will you make the switch?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The 99th Annual MN American Water Works Association Conference

Join water professionals from across the Midwest at the Minnesota Section of the American Water Works Association’s (MN AWWA) 99th Annual Conference in historic Duluth, MN on September 16th-18th. The conference will continue the Minnesota AWWA’s focus on educating attendees on water quality and treatment, and public health, safety, and welfare.
99th Annual MN American Water Works Association (1).png
The conference will feature excellent technical sessions from university professors, engineers, and specialists on topics ranging from blending groundwater and surface water, to 3D modeling of water systems, to retrofitting water treatment systems to disinfection using ozone to achieve algal toxin and odor control.

The conference is a four-day event that will take place at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center overlooking the beautiful Lake Superior. With plenty of fantastic lodging options and a bustling scene of delicious restaurants in the immediate vicinity (Canal Park), it won’t be hard to consider attending the Minnesota AWWA as a small reprieve from this past August's heat wave.

A Preview of the Events:

Tuesday: Board Meetings and Water for People for Events (Sporting Clays shooting, Golf and Fishing Tournaments
Wednesday: Opening Events, Keynote address, Vendor Exhibitions, Committee Meetings, Best In Glass Water Taste Test, and MAC Social and Water for People Silent Auction
Thursday and Friday: Technical Sessions and Speakers, Federal and State Regulatory Updates, Business Lunch & Election, Appreciation Dinner and Awards Presentation

A portion of the conference will be devoted to several competitions and contests including Best in Glass, Pipe Tapping, Meter Madness, and new competition Hydrant Hysteria. Learn more about the competitions on the Minnesota Section website.

The four-day conference will focus on the importance of the various ways we treat and use water and the impact we have on the world’s most important natural resource. Don’t miss the chance to learn from and meet with the region’s top water professionals at the 99th Annual Minnesota AWWA Conference.