Monday, February 10, 2014

Bullert Wins Honorary Member Award

Having over 35-plus years of experience in the water industry, it’s no wonder Mr. Bernie Bullert was recently honored by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) with an Honorary Member Award.

This annual award is presented to three individuals whose knowledge and accomplishments in the field of water supply entitle him or her to special recognition. Candidates must have knowledge and accomplishments in water supplies at international, government, association, and section levels.

Steve Scheinder (left), Manager of St. Paul Regional Water Services, and Bernie Bullert (right), Honorary Member Award Winner

Bullert is currently the Director of Water Treatment and Distribution Services for the City of Minneapolis, where he has improved the division’s performance both fiscally and operationally. As a long-time AWWA member, he has significantly contributed to the water industry as a consultant and long-time public servant.

Bullert’s devotion to improving drinking water standards while eliminating taste and odor issues has positively impacted potable water as a primary public service. He has served over a million customers by leading the two largest water supplies in Minnesota, the City of St. Paul and its counterpart, Minneapolis. He has also assisted numerous communities as and Engineering Consultant.

Bullert attributes his success to his dedication, persistence, and love of and commitment to the water business, both from a professional and volunteer perspective. “It’s good to enjoy what you do, when you enjoy what you do, you’re successful,” says Bullert. “It’s not just work, it’s fun.” His membership in multiple professional water organizations shows the breadth of his passion and knowledge for sustainable water systems and their importance to communities.

Bullert exemplifies what it means to be an honorary member of AWWA; constantly seeking solutions to improve public health, protecting the environment, strengthening the economy, and enhancing the quality of life deserves such recognition.

Opportunities for a career in the water industry should be considered by individuals who understand the importance of sustainable water and the impact it has on both locally and internationally. Bullert states, “It’s a very good business, it’s always there, and it’s always needed. It takes a certain amount of work, but it’s a very reliable career.” He believes the public takes water for granted to a certain degree, but it is an invaluable resource and that those who maintain it should be devoted.